Bluemoon Land

A land plot will be required to use, build and earn in the Metaverse. Landowners can earn revenue by staking, renting, advertising, and sponsoring virtual spaces. 20,000 Land plots Phase 1 of Bluemoon land will have 20,000 plots within its 4 major regions: 5K Plots - Technology & Business 5K Plots - Finance 5K Plots - Sports, Fitness & Entertainment 5K Plots - Creators, Influencers & Artists

Land Owner Benefits

Staked Landowners can earn revenue from the community pool (Bluemoon Revenue) - Earn revenue from all Bluemoon land sales - Earn a passive income from Bluemoon revenue - Build on land to increase land value - Sponsor events - Rent spaces for events, and meetups - Rent out your land for others to build on - Earn commissions for NFT sales on your land