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Bolts Store: Unlock a World of Opportunities

The Bolts Store, available within the Legion Network Super app, serves as a hub where users can spend their hard-earned Bolts to unlock various rewards, exclusive opportunities, and access premium features. This section will outline the various ways users can spend their Bolts and make the most of their Legion Network experience.

  1. Legion Network Launchpad Allocations (Coming Soon)

  2. Legion Network Raffles

  3. Empower Academy Premium Content

  4. Arcadia Gaming utilize your Bolts to enter gaming tournaments, and PVP matches

Explore the Bolts Store Discover the multitude of ways you can spend your Bolts in the Bolts Store and unlock a world of exciting opportunities and benefits. Make the most of your Legion Network Super app experience by using your Bolts to access premium content, engage with the community, and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of blockchain and gaming.

In-App Purchases: Bolts Packages for Enhanced Experience

Legion Network provides users with the option to purchase Bolts directly through in-app purchases, allowing them to quickly accumulate Bolts and unlock premium features and benefits. Various Bolt packages are available, each offering a different bonus percentage to provide users with additional value for their purchase.

Here's a table illustrating the available Bolt packages and their respective bonus percentages:

Bolt Package PriceBoltsBonus Percentage



















By purchasing a Bolt package, you can accelerate your progress within the Legion Network Super app, gaining access to exclusive content, opportunities, and rewards. The higher the package price, the greater the bonus percentage, offering you even more value for your investment in the platform.

Here's the Full Breakdown of the ways you can use bolts

Use Bolts to purchase the following:

  • Rare Mystery Box

  • Legendary Mystery Box

  • Raffle Ticket Bundles

  • Metaverse Assets

  • Metaverse Spaces

  • More items will be added soon

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