💰Earning Potential

As a Legion Ambassador, you will have access to various earning opportunities:

1. Subscription Referrals:

- Earn $2 monthly commission for each referral who subscribes at $9.99/month.

- For a 6-month subscription at $47.99, earn a $5 commission.

- For a 12-month subscription at $59.99, earn a $6 commission.

2. Staking Commissions:

- Referrals staking Silver rank will earn you 1k LGX in commissions. ($5)

- Referrals staking Gold rank will earn you 2.5k LGX in commissions. ($12.5)

- Referrals staking Platinum rank will earn you 10k LGX in commissions. ($50)

- Referrals staking Diamond rank will earn you 25k LGX in commissions. ($125)

- Referrals staking Legend rank will earn you 50k LGX in commissions. ($250) Lifetime Referral Benefit:

Referrals are yours for life. As Legion Network expands its services and in-app store items, you'll continue to earn commissions on purchases made by your referrals. This ongoing benefit is a cornerstone of our ambassador program, offering significant long-term earning potential. Withdrawal of Commissions:

  • Premium Subscription Commissions: Withdrawals can be made on the 14th and 28th of each month, whichever is later.

  • LGX Commissions: Claimable immediately upon earning. Disclaimer: While the token price in this example is assumed to be $0.005, the actual market price may vary. We believe that with a growing number of stakers and users on our platform, the potential market value of our token could be substantially higher than our conservative estimate. However, this should not be taken as a guarantee of future token value, and we advise all our ambassadors and users to consider market risks and perform due diligence.

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