Unleash the Power of Bolts: Legion Network's Native Reward Currency
Bolts are the native reward currency within the Legion Network Super app, designed to enhance user engagement and provide a wide range of benefits and features to users. By accumulating Bolts through various activities, users can unlock a plethora of in-app rewards and exclusive opportunities.

Earning Bolts: Engage, Earn, and Empower

Bolts are earned through an "engage and earn" model, encouraging users to actively participate in diverse activities across the platform. Some of the ways to earn Bolts include:
  • User Profile activities
  • Social Profile interactions
  • Referrers Landmark Bonuses
  • Rewards Section tasks
  • Staking activities
  • Arcadia gaming
  • Empower Academy courses
  • Launchpad participation
A detailed table with the complete breakdown of the ways to earn Bolts will be attached below for your reference.

Advantages of Bolts: Versatile and Valuable

Bolts offer users numerous advantages within the Legion Network Super app ecosystem. Some of the key benefits include:
  • Versatility: Bolts can be used to access a wide range of in-app features, such as exclusive content, Metaverse premium passes, tournament entries, and more.
  • Value: Accumulating Bolts allows users to unlock valuable rewards and benefits, enhancing their overall experience on the platform.
  • Inclusivity: Bolts offer an inclusive system, allowing users of all levels to participate and reap the benefits of the Legion Network ecosystem.
  • Engagement: The Bolt system drives user engagement, fostering a loyal and active community of users who contribute to the growth and success of the platform.
  • Community Building: Bolts help create a strong and interconnected community by encouraging users to engage with the platform and with each other.

Bolts in Action: Unlocking Exclusive Opportunities

Users can make use of their Bolts to access a variety of exclusive opportunities within the Legion Network Super app, such as:
  • Participating in the Legion Network Launchpad: Users can guarantee their allocation in promising projects by staking the LGX token or purchasing allocation bundles through Bolts.
  • Entering Legion Network Raffles: Bolts can be used to purchase raffle tickets, offering users a chance to win attractive prizes.
  • Accessing Empower Academy Content: Bolts can be redeemed to access premium educational content and resources within the Empower Academy. (Coming soon)
  • Engaging in Arcadia Gaming: Users can use Bolts to enter gaming tournaments, purchase in-game items, or access exclusive gaming content.
  • Unlocking Premium Features: Bolts can be used to unlock premium features and benefits within the Legion Network Super app. (Coming soon)

Embrace the Power of Bolts

Experience the power of Bolts, the native reward currency of the Legion Network Super app, and unlock a world of exciting opportunities and benefits. Engage with the platform, earn valuable Bolts, and empower yourself to take full advantage of the innovative Legion Network ecosystem. Refer to the attached table for a comprehensive breakdown of the ways to earn Bolts.

Bolt Multiplier: Enhance Your Earnings with Daily Boosts through The Premium Subscription

The Bolt multiplier is a feature designed to reward users through increased Bolt earnings for a 1-hour boost per day. This multiplier system ensures that dedicated users receive additional benefits, encouraging engagement and loyalty within the Legion Network ecosystem.
Any users with a premium subscription will get access to the 2x Multiplier for 1 hour a day. The user can activate the bonus anytime during the day. The multiplier does not roll over and accumulate if not used over multiple days.
Take advantage of the Bolt multiplier and boost your daily earnings by obtaining a Premium Subscription. This feature not only rewards your dedication to the Legion Network but also enhances your overall experience within the platform.

Full Breakdown to Earn Bolts

Bolts Earned
User Profile
Verified Referral
10 Bolts
Downloading the app
5 Bolts
Adding profile picture
2 Bolts
Create a 3D Avatar
1 Bolt
Adding Wallet
1 Bolt
Adding bio
2 Bolts
Adding Instagram
1 Bolt
Adding Discord
1 Bolt
Adding Twitter
1 Bolt
Adding Telegram
1 Bolt
Adding Facebook
1 Bolt
Leave a review
2 Bolts
Turn on notifications
2 Bolts
Referrers Landmark
50 Referrals
100 Bolts
100 Referrals
200 Bolts
500 Referrals
1,000 Bolts
1,000 Referrals
2,000 Bolts
5,000 Referrals
10,000 Bolts
Social Profile
Gaining followers
1 Bolt per Follower
Followers Bonus
25 Bolts
125 Bolts
250 Bolts
1,250 Bolts
2,500 Bolts
12,500 Bolts
25,000 Bolts
Daily Ads
1 Bolts
Daily Login Streak
1 Bolt
Weekly Bonus
5 Bolts
Reward Task
1 Bolt (subject to change)
Daily Bolts for Premium Users
6 Bolts
2 Bolts daily
5 Bolts daily
20 Bolts daily
125 Bolts daily
300 Bolts daily
Play and earn
1 Bolt
(First 10 turns daily)
Daily challenge
1 Bolt
(First 5 turns daily)
Vote for games
1 Bolt
Amount of Bolts waged (50 min)
Leaderboard (Daily)
1st Place
100 Bolts
2nd Place
50 Bolts
3rd Place
10 Bolts
4th-20th Place
5 Bolts
Empower Academy
Blockchain Mastery Course
100 Bolts
Complete Course Bonus
50 Bolts
Legion Course Quiz
5 Bolts
Complete Course Bonus
5 Bolts
Bluemoon Video
1 Bolt
Participate in Launchpad
100 Bolts
(Coming Soon)