What Is LGX?

Introducing the Legion Token (LGX): Powering the Legion Network Ecosystem

The Legion Token (LGX) is a utility token that fuels the Legion Network Ecosystem. With a max limited supply of 800 million tokens, LGX can be purchased through centralized and decentralized exchanges such as Gate.io, Bybit, and PancakeSwap. LGX offers extensive utility across various aspects of the Legion Network:

  • Empower Academy: Access premium courses with LGX

  • Arcadia Gaming: Enter tournaments and submit proposals for upcoming games with LGX

  • Legion Launchpad: Get whitelisted for projects using LGX

  • NFT Drops: Gain access to whitelisting for NFT Drops with LGX

  • Bolts Ecosystem: Use LGX to earn extra Bolts within the app

Bluemoon Features:

  • Access land sales with LGX

  • Use LGX as a form of payment in the Bluemoon Metaverse and Marketplace

Buyback and Burn: A percentage of external revenue will be used for buyback and burn of LGX tokens, contributing to its value

ยท Buyback and burn a percentage from external revenue in Legion Network. - Revenue from Arcadia In-App purchases - Mobile Ad Revenue - Legion Launchpad listing fee - NFT Drops listing fee - Bluemoon Marketplace fee (buy, sell, rent, swap, competition listing) - Land sale - In-App Crypto purchases

Experience the full potential of the Legion Network Ecosystem by utilizing the versatile Legion Token (LGX) and unlock a world of opportunities and benefits within the platform.

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