Community Rewards

Legion Rewards is an integral part of the Legion Network Super app, designed to keep users engaged, provide practical advantages, and offer mutual benefits for both users and businesses. The Rewards system is built around an innovative "engage and earn" model, where users accumulate the platform's native reward currency, Bolts, through participation in various activities.
Key Advantages of Legion Rewards
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    Engage and Earn Model: Legion Rewards encourages users to actively participate in diverse activities on the platform, earning Bolts for their time and effort. This approach motivates users to explore more features within the Super app and stay engaged.
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    Mutual Benefits: By offering incentives for user participation, Legion Rewards creates a win-win situation for users and businesses. Users benefit from earning Bolts, which can be used to unlock various benefits and features, while businesses gain increased engagement and exposure on the platform.
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    Driving User Retention: Legion Rewards helps maintain user interest in the platform by consistently providing opportunities to earn Bolts and access exclusive benefits. This strategy drives user retention and fosters a loyal community of users who are excited to participate in the Legion Network ecosystem. It also exposes ecosystem partners to the community and strengthens the projects incubated on the platform.
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    Supporting Platform Growth: Legion Rewards contributes to the overall growth and success of the Legion Network Super app by creating a dynamic environment where users are encouraged to engage with the platform and its various features. This increased interaction helps boost the platform's visibility and reputation, attracting more users and businesses to the ecosystem.
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    Bolts Bonuses and Multipliers during Launchpad Projects and Strategic Partnerships: During project launches on the Legion Network Launchpad or through strategic partnerships, users have the opportunity to earn Bolts bonuses and multipliers. This provides additional incentives for users to engage with the platform and participate in project launches and partnerships, driving further growth and exposure for the projects involved.
Earning Bolts and Unlocking Rewards
Users can earn Bolts effortlessly by:
  • Logging in daily
  • Watching ads
  • Completing enjoyable tasks
  • Engaging with Launchpad projects and strategic partnerships
As users accumulate Bolts, they unlock a plethora of in-app rewards and features, enhancing their overall experience and journey on the Legion Network Super app. Bolts can be used to access exclusive content, Metaverse premium passes, tournament entries, and more.
Experience the Dynamic Bolt System
Dive into the world of Legion Rewards and reap the benefits of the dynamic Bolt system, designed to reward users at every step. Explore the various features and opportunities within the Legion Network Super app, and unlock the incredible advantages offered by the Legion Rewards system. Join the Legion Network community today, and start earning Bolts to elevate your digital asset management experience.
Legion Rewards platform offers users the opportunity to enter a daily giveaway to win prizes by completing various tasks every week.
These tasks will allow organizations to increase their exposure to the community, which will get rewarded in return.

What you need to do if you are the winner of the daily giveaway?

  • Contact @LegionAppRewards in Telegram within 24 hours
Provide a BEP-20 wallet address 

  • Provide proof of identity (that you actually are the account that won)