Arcadia (P2E)

Arcadia, a dedicated mobile gaming hub within our Superapp, designed to deliver an engaging and rewarding hyper casual gaming experience for our users. Our goal is to simplify the Play and Earn model, offering fun, simple, and addictive games that cater to a wide range of players, particularly in popular genres such as Hyper casual, which accounted for 1.6 billion downloads in the US in 2022 (

Arcadia has 6 subsections:

  • Play to earn
  • Daily Challenge
  • Multiplayer
  • Leaderboard
  • My Badges
  • Vote for games

Play to earn

Users can access many games for practice until they’re ready to compete against other in-app users for daily prizes.
Users will earn BOLTs as they play various games.

Daily Challenge

Users can compete against other players and earn their rank on the Arcadia leaderboard. The top 20 high scorers will win increasing amounts of Bolts, with first place winning as much as 100 Bolts.


With Arcadia's multiplayer feature, users can challenge friends or other Legion members to real-time matches. It's all about creating a competitive and social environment where users can showcase their skills while earning Bolts. Both players put up their Bolts and the player who wins takes the majority of it.


The leaderboard section displays the top-ranking users; specifically highlighting those in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Past leaderboard charts can be backdated so that users can view previous winners. Dates, where a user has appeared on the leaderboard, will be highlighted for them when they view the leaderboard calendar.

My Badges

Complete tasks to earn badges. "My Badges" is a directory for users to view their badge collection. Badges can be unlocked by completing tasks and achievements. The badges are split between different categories which include, but are not exclusive to, Arcadia, Empower, and Rewards. Users can check what's required for them to achieve a locked badge. These badges will be viewable by others via your user profile.

Vote for games

Arcadia includes a voting model where users can vote on what games they would like to have within Legion Arcadia’s daily challenge. The game with the most votes at the end of the voting period will be added to Arcadia.
The future of the platform can expect an increased number of more complex, engaging games with increased visual appeal; games that users know and love. Game developers alike will have the opportunity to submit their games to Legion Arcadia in the hopes that they’ll be added to the platform as potential candidates for Legion Arcadia’s daily challenge or an indefinite listing on the forum.