Bluemoon Metaverse

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Bluemoon Value Proposition

Ease of Access: A platform that allows brands, influencers, creatives, and everyday users to access the Metaverse with ease. Generate Revenue: Buy virtual land, and build spaces, structures, and events. Rent out your space to generate revenue. Create Spaces: Collaborate with others to build unique spaces with no technical skills required. Events + Meetups: Brands, Artists, and Influencers can host AMAs and meet-ups with their community in the virtual world. Display NFTs: Showcase your digital assets within your NFT Gallery, and invite users to view, buy, sell and negotiate in real time. Custom Avatars: Bring your NFTs to life by creating custom NFT avatars and build your digital identity on the Bluemoon platform.
Bluemoon Metaverse Comparison Chart

Bluemoon Use Cases

  • Brands/Businesses
  • Crypto Projects
  • NFT Projects
  • Creator/Influencers
  • Sports/Concerts
  • E-Sports/Streamers
Some examples of the spaces created so far.
  • NFT Mansions
  • Seminar Rooms
  • Boxing Stadiums
  • Legion's Hub (Our whitepaper in the metaverse)
  • MasterCard HQ

Bluemoon Land

Build your digital space, and showcase your NFTs to be bought, rented, and swapped. Create your own unique experiences for others to enjoy. Collaborate with one another and earn collectively. Own the land you’re building upon and rent out your spaces. Land plots are limited.