Bluemoon Waitlist

The Biggest Metaverse Launch of 2023!

How to sign up for the Bluemoon Waitlist

Step 1:

Go to and click on "Join The Waitlist". landing page

Step 2:

Enter your credentials. The referral code section will automatically fill itself out if you've clicked a friend's referral link. You can also enter a friend's referral code manually.
Bluemoon Waitlist Credentials

Step 3:

Go to your email and click "Verify Now" to confirm your position on the waitlist.

Step 4:

You have now successfully joined the waiting list! Click "View My Rank & Referral Link".

Step 5:

Enter your email address and click "Submit". Once done, your unique referral link and rank will reveal themselves.

Step 6:

Join the official community Discord and verify yourself to stay in the loop. Join here:

What are the rules?


✅ There are no restrictions on how many users you can invite. ✅ Only use official marketing materials and links when promoting. ✅ Users are allowed to promote on any platform.


❌ Do not spam the invite link on other project groups (If the groups are for open discussion, then please share correct information regarding the project before sending you the invite link). ❌ Duplicate Accounts, Temp Mails, and any bot activities to invite fake users will result in a permanent disqualification. You will still be free to use the services, but will not take part in any giveaways in the future. ❌ Do not exaggerate the giveaway, or spread misleading information about the project in order to get invites.
Want to learn more about Bluemoon? Join the Discord for further information: