What Is Bluemoon

About Bluemoon

Bluemoon NFT Marketplace and the Bluemoon Metaverse

Bluemoon is the first collaborative NFT Marketplace with an integrated social metaverse. The platform is tailored to creators, and businesses alike, providing the infrastructure for them to build their own custom metaverse spaces. Users can bring their NFTs to life with a click of a button and create immersive experiences with their audiences within the metaverse. With Bluemoon, NFT trading will see new horizons of innovation.
The world is slowly moving into a virtual realm, and Bluemoon can take the lead and become people’s first choice in their digital dealings. In an emerging market, there isn’t a shortage of creators and investors, however, there is a shortage of easy-to-use features that aid the creating, buying, and selling experience for all.
Marketplaces such as Opensea, Rarible, and KnownOrigin, offer principle foundations and features for NFT buyers and sellers to explore however, there is a growing need for more efficient and adapt tools within Marketplaces.
Buyers and sellers will be able to easily transact and negotiate within their own custom spaces in the metaverse by sharing a simple link that can be used on all devices as well as their Oculus headsets. Users within the Bluemoon Metaverse will have the freedom to create memorable experiences at scale with their audiences. Trade NFTs in real-time. Unsure of accepting a bid? talk about it with the potential buyer. Want to connect with holders with interesting collections? Invite them to your space. Want to connect and collaborate with your ideal audience? Invite them to build spaces and host unforgettable events for them to enjoy.